The picturesque village of Alcalalí is situated in the Vall de Pop, part of the region of Marina Alta on the Costa Blanca.  It is situated on the river Jalón/Gorgos and is located between mounts Seguili and Carrascal forming an extraordinarily beautiful natural landscape.  The town offers visitors a multitude of resources.  Here you can find walking and cycling trails, museums, the heritage route and examples of historical, cultural and architectural significance.

The origin of the name Alcalalí is Arabic and in it's early days it was a settlement of potters and weavers.  Many of the artifacts that have been discovered in excavations in the surrounding area can be found on display in local museums.

In the centre of the village can be found a watch tower of over 18 metres in height.  The tower was built around 1600 and in 1995, a couple of years after it was acquired by the council of Alcalali, it was totally renovated complete with a top-floor vantage point from where you are able to see Coll de Rates, the neighbouring  village of Parcent with its steeple, the Seguili mountain and the town of Xaló or Jalón.